Vlado Ilic

Professor of Language and Communication, Systemic Therapist, Teacher of Family Constellation

Vlado Ilić was born in 1962. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade (German Language and Literature Department), and continued his Master`s degree in Germany. A Teacher of Family Constellations. through seminars and workshops, educational groups and publications he conveys the message of love, reconciliation and healing throughout the Balkan regions (Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,etc.), in Europe (Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria) and North America (the USA, Canada).
With extraordinary patience and humbleness, respect and great love, he opens the space for the  insights into the dynamics  allowing  us to become aware of and integrate the transgenerational traumas residing in our collective and individual unconscious.
With this approach and meditation practice as  important segments of his work, Ilić creates the possibility for raising the awareness  relating to concrete life issues background. By integrating an excluded part we can enhance our personal growth and so re-establish a comprehensive harmony, depriving permanently the basis for any blockage or other symptoms, diseases or suffering.
“During  the past twenty years of work with people as a pedagogue, professor, karate teacher and a manager, I have discovered the healing power of Order of Love. This is the most fulfilling and, at the same time, the most challenging  work than any other I have experienced so far. To follow the strength of the Spirit with great awareness is something that fills my soul with deepest respect, modesty, gratefulness and love.”
“I especially like working with children. Very often they unconsciously take over the responsibility from their parents – and they do that for love. For example, the family entanglement of the parents can lead to the dynamics  that is present through their children’s various behavioral disorders, illnesses or allergies they usually suffer from, or frequent accidents they have.“

Parents can set up a constellation for their children even in their absence.”

“Everything we do for ourselves, we do for our children as well.“


“The recognition of the most profound injuries and reconciliation with the fate actually releases the
energy as the main source of our personal power, what we need in everyday life. “
~ Vlado Ilić

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