International summer seminar on the island of ZLARIN (Croatia)

20−27 August 2016

The Koralj Hotel, the Island of Zlarin

Dear respected experts and participants in the Family Constellation workshops with Vlado Ilić, let us extend our summer holiday adding one more workshop in the annual schedule! This time we choose the beautiful island of Zlarin, near Šibenik.
If you have not already planned your holiday, we hope you will join us in discovering your own potentials and celebrating life, freeing yourself from the imposed blockages, taken over in transgenerational range of our ancestors.
We remind you that the movement of the sea water awakens in us distant memories of being in our mother's womb, and the experience shows that the effects of setting up a constellation in such environment have got a particular depth, efficiency and strength.
The accompanying events will be organized by Martina Rožić, yoga instructor, and actor Leon Lučev – both participants of the Family Constellation workshop. 

Zlarin can be reached by boat from Šibenik or Vodice. Fore more information about the timetable and ticket price,
visit: www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia

Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Solutions in Croatia "Family Constellation" organizes this seminar.
Workshops are conducted by Vlado Ilić, Systems Therapist, Senior Educator and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Supervisor, Institute for Communication and Education.  
Information and Registration:
Leon Lučev
Ph: +385 (0)91 225 45 14
Email: radioniceigre@gmail.com 

Branka Šimunec
Ph: +385 (0)91 255 62 90
Email: branka@agencija-oglasnik.hr