ZAGREB, Croatia

Family Constellation – Order of Love:  seminars and workshops

Next seminar and workshop in Zagreb: 1–3 June 2018.
Introduction lecture: 1st day of seminar, 19hrs, (admission free).
Workshops: Saturday and Sunday (11hrs–19hrs).
Academy of Fine Arts, 85 Ilica st, Zagreb
Registration and information:
Jelena Kuzman
Ph: +385 (0)91 14 55 0 55
All applications for the seminar with discount (with first installment paid) are to bi finalized 14 days before the seminar at least.     

The seminars and workshops are conducted by Vlado Ilić, Systemic Therapist, Senior Educator and Supervisor  of the Family Constellation established by Bert Hellinger, Institute for Communication and Education.
The Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Solutions in Croatia ″Family Constellation“ organizes the seminar, as well as an additional educational programme for Systemic Therapists and Consultants.   

Seminars & Workshops in 2016:
  • 16–18  February
  • 15–17  April
  • 17–19  June
  • 23–25  September
  • 04–06  November