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Heal, Contribute, Grow with Vlado Ilic in Los Angeles

Imagine feeling light and happy in your skin. 
Sunshine in your face.
As you soak up the rays, notice the aliveness in your body. 
Vibrant and centered, you feel ready to give your gift to the world. 
You are clear, on purpose and guided.  Confidence, strength and humility ooze out of your every word and movement.
Your whole family is harmoniously supporting and celebrating who you are being and the contribution you are making. 
With a sparkle in their eye, your devoted intimate partner and children bid you an inspired day.   
Those looks in their eyes melt your heart with waves of love and gratitude. 
You pause just for a moment to soak it all in and then off you go, with presence and intention, 
to a rich schedule of your favorite activities, your life, your mission.
Sounds amazing right?
It sure does. 
This is what we all want and yet very few people actually live.
But why not?  With all of the advances in science and technology, 
why don’t more of us actually find the way to make this happen?  
We live at the peak of human civilization, in the most abundant economy in the world, 
and yet, we still can’t get out of our own way. 
So what do we do about this?  How do we help ourselves?
How do we uncover and remove the obstacles standing in our way so we can utilize all of our gifts, talents and abilities?
Well, this is the promise of the School of Life.  You can have it all.  All that you are meant and destined to have.  
You can be in alignment with it.  You can be at peace with it.  You can bear the happiness of it.  
You can fully enjoy it.  Welcome to your path towards it. 
The School of Life is a year-long, ongoing, advanced live training and personal development program with Vlado Ilic, the world's leading family constellation trainer and facilitator, helping people uncover and shift the unconscious blocks in their lives.
This program is designed to help you master your body, mind, spirit, and relationships so that you can progress to a new level of vitality, conviction, triumph and impact in life.
This is about supporting you succeed in achieving your full potential in all you do. It's about freeing your life of fear, weariness and irritation so that you can live a more joyful, inspired, loving, and amazing life.
Vlado Ilic, your trainer, has dedicated his life to raising human consciousness and is the most grounded, present and loving man I know. He is one of the most prolific facilitators in the world with more than 25000 satisfied, constellation clients, that transformed their blocks, and a booked schedule of events two years in advance...
And now he's helping YOU, all year long!
Below is a recent picture of the 89th birthday celebration of Bert Hellinger.  Vlado is the one at the top of the table, as the guest of honor, in an orange shirt.  For almost twenty years he has worked closely with Bert and hosted him in Belgrade several times for Peace Congresses for the war torn former Yugoslavia.

I speak from personal experience when I say that he has touched my life in a really profound way.  My ability to live fully, take on challenges in a joyful manner, and enjoy my family and life has gone through the roof.  I was successful before meeting Vlado, but I was not present and I was not at peace with myself and the world.  Now, I am doing the work I love and drink deeply in the experience of being a human and an entrepreneur, a husband, father, brother and son.
Here is what some other ecstatic clients had to say about their experience at our last event:
·      I just got an answer to a question that I have not been able to resolve for a very long time
·       I have just witnessed the impossible in my family, like the sun rising in the west kind of thing
·      You helped me remember to love more and I thank you for that
·      I expanded my horizons so much that I don’t know how to say thank you
·      Words cannot express my feelings so I will just share my love with you
·       Last three days were like 80 days around the world spanning several centuries
·      Thank you for being such an amazing model of how to love in the world
This is just a snippet of the incredible impact Vlado is making in the world.  He is in a different city every weekend of the year helping people take the next step in their being and life.
We are very blessed that he will dedicate 5 weekends to Los Angeles in the coming year.
Here are the targeted points of focus of each event in this life changing, 5 event series:
November 18-20 - Parents and Children in Harmony
March 17-19 - Reignite or Attract Your Intimate Relationship
June 9-11 - Into Vibrant Health
September 22-24 Portal to Energy of Money
November 17-19 Infuse Your Business with Success
Mariana, my love and I, will co-host these events and will be excavating all of the masterful distinctions and perceptions for you, that enable him to create such powerful healing and transformation for thousands of people each year. 
On Friday’s of each event, we will provide formal insight into the principles and science behind what makes this process work.  We will also guide you into each topic from the educational perspective and then Vlado will support you through the experiential part of the events, including an individual constellation for each of you at each of the 5 events.
You’ll learn how to:
·       Uncover the unconscious patterns that are holding you back in your life
·       Transform those same patterns with grace, love and acceptance
·       Wake up your tremendous, latent potential and expand the possibilities in your life
·       Increase your awareness of multiple perspectives so you never get stuck again
·       Experience a sense of knowing that you can create the life and world that you want
·       Deepen your connection to higher levels of consciousness
·       Build your capacity to include everything that needs to be seen and healed
·      Learn the underlying principles of life that govern all progress and relationships
·       Discover the power of parallel, simultaneous constellations and their principles
·       Use the most powerful tool for getting what you want and helping people transform
·       Discover the essential and necessary ingredient for growing your influence and impact
·       And much, much more…
This hands-on event teaches in a very experiential manner and you will walk away with your previously hidden and dormant resources activated and primed for more development. 
And this is not all, you will also be able to bring your children, up to college age, to participate for the full program for free.  Yes, you heard that right.  With your registration your kids are included and we all know that kids get affected by our issues, so please bring them.
Also, your intimate partner is included in your tuition for the Reignite Your Intimate Relationship weekend because growing together is the best way to evolve as a couple.
In addition, if you bring a friend, both of you get a $100 discount.  So share the goodness with your community by letting people know about this special opportunity.
You will also receive formal, 4 full days of support between events on the following dates:
January 21
April 29
August 5
October 21
On these days, we will deepen our experiential practices, answer all of your questions and continue to remove the blocks and obstacles from your life.  Vlado will be tuning in online and so can you if you are not local to Los Angeles.  If you are local, you are welcome to join us for this very valuable community support time.
We believe in this so much that we will give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If it's not the most valuable, deep diving, intensely revealing, personal development program you've experienced, ask for your money back, on Sunday night, after going through the full event on all three days, and receive a complete no-hassle refund.
So there you have it.  The only thing left is for me to tell you how to register.
But before that, let me tell you who these events are not for. 
This is not for people who…
  • are looking for a quick fix
  • unwilling to look at their issues
  • unwilling to walk their talk
  • unwilling to be uncomfortable for the sake of their own transformation
  • unwilling to invest time and space in their lives for inner work
  • not interested in investing in themselves to create long-term success
  • are primarily concerned with image and appearances
This work is for you if you are a person who…
  • holds integrity as paramount. You’re deeply committed to live from a place of authenticity, presence, truth and empowerment in the ways that you interact with your family, clients, colleagues and your community.
  • is done with the forcing, struggle and striving in their life and ready to step into ease, love, flow and magnetic abundance.
  • have already created a level of success in your life and business and are ready to step into your next level, knowing that there is some deep inner work needed in order to vibrate at that higher level.
  • is dogged and determined in your pursuit of truth and tenacious in your commitment to embody your truth
You are the agents of change we desperately need in our world.  With your life transforming there will be a ripple effect in your families and communities which is the reason why we are putting this event on in the first place. We look forward to helping you influence yourself and the people you love.
There will be special parts of the program, where we will look at how to integrate this work with your professions and occupations.  And for those of you that are facilitators, there will be in depth opportunities to discuss Vlado’s way of working and how to build your groups and impact.  Also, if anyone is interested in Vlado supervising your facilitation for further growth, we will find opportunities to make that happen as well.
Event Location:  Flame International, 11330 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 90025
-          Plentiful free parking and restrooms available on site
-          Great food choices on site and in the immediate vicinity
Event hours: 10am to 6pm
The investment for the full year long program with 5 events, inviting more of yourself to life is:
Only $1999 or $194/month for 12 months if you register before October 17th.  Purchased individually, all 5 of these events will be very close to $3000, so please act now and reserve your place in the School of Life by clicking on the following link:
And if you would like to experience the Parent and Children in Harmony first before joining us for the rest of it, you can do so for $595 if you register before October 17th.  After October 17th, the price will go up to $698.  If you want to attend only the weekend you will see that option as well when you click on the following link:
If you have any questions about the events please email us at and we can schedule a time to talk so we can support you.
Please spread the word and let’s raise the level of awareness of the public of this beautiful work.
Wishing you more of the best of you,
Ivan and Mariana Polic

To register, please email or call:
Ivan Polic
Ph: 714 598 6884


Welcome to the New Now in your life!

Seminars & Workshops in 2016:
  • 18–20  March at 19h
  • 10–12  June at 19h
  • 17–20  November
Seminars & Workshops in 2017:

       16 – 19  March at 19h
       08–11  June at 19h
       21–24  September at 19h
       16–19  November at 19h


To register, please email or call:
Ivan Polic
Ph: 714 598 6884


Continue reading or scroll Down for Testimonials and more information about Vlado:

Logistically, it was incredible to see when Vlado started facilitating parallel constellations next to each other. At one point, he had four constellations happening simultaneously. The energy in that field was so strong and omnipotent in the service of those families and the representatives. It was so intense and deep.
Vlado’s way of working is extremely unique. No one in the world uses this method. This innovation came out of necessity as Vlado’s events over the years grew in size. In the early days, 14 years ago, he always guaranteed a constellation to everyone in attendance. Pretty soon, the workshops would drag into the night in order to complete everyone’s constellation. Vlado started experimenting with grouping them in a way that would save time and at the same time keep all of the power and healing effect. He began to see patterns of separate constellations being really beneficial to each other energetically and his unique style was born. We were able to witness the magic of this approach in all of its glory. 

Here is what our lovely people in attendance had to say about it:

"Vlado Ilic is a master of Family Constellation work, and a super kind and compassionate man. The field of love created during the 3-day workshop in Los Angeles was so strong and so safe, there was no other way for us but to descend to the most painful places as well as to ascend to ecstasy and joy. By the end of the workshop the walls were dripping with love, and I felt hope for our world." 
Elana Golden, Screenwriter, Film Director, Teacher, Human Rights Activist.

I released fear and took in peace and now I see my life through clear eyes. There is not enough wine in a vineyard to explain this beautiful experience.
Tara Schwartzman

I felt a dramatic shift of energy when I did my constellation to work on my issue. It felt like I left behind a burden I had been carrying. I feel a wonderful sense of freedom and peace. It was fascinating being a representative in others constellations because it gave me more understanding and compassion for others and their situations. I give this my highest recommendation as we often do not know what issues are lurking in our families and how they are negatively impacting our lives. It allows the family to come to peace in a beautiful, safe, supporting environment. 
Pam Booth – Certified Energy Manager

“We wanted to bring our two teenage boys to observe or participate. Sometimes the new generation is eager to embrace change. The constellation experience was awesome and afterward it was like an open door for peace to happen in our household. You’ve heard “different day, same stuff”. Well, this was like “same stuff, different feeling.” More calm, happier, more energized for all of us. When you hear your teenagers say with honor: “Thank you, mom.” That’s when you know it was worth it.”
Darrell and Fran Hill

The magical insight that Vlado can show us through our constellations is stunning. Love and compassion was everywhere and couldn’t have been avoided. The energy and inspiration to create and heal was awe-inspiring. 
Luka Polic - 13 years old

Parallel constellations deeply inform the field to show how we are all connected. This is some of the deepest work I have done in this arena even though I have been to many facilitators and have done this work for more than a decade myself. Deep healing of old issues is done with depth and grace. I highly recommend Vlado!
Helena Gorka - Experienced Facilitator of Family Constellations 

I am deeply grateful for my experience with Vlado Ilic. I experienced a profound rapproachment with my son.
I felt an amazing amount of love in the atmosphere of the room. There were moments of transcendent power and beauty in the quality of deeply open-hearted engagement with people who, in social terms, were strangers. But we encountered each other on a sacred level of awareness, beyond the usual constraints on expressiveness found in the "politics" of relating in daily institutional contexts.
Dr. John Dore Phd. – Jungian Psycho-Analyst and Constellation Facilitator 

“As a seasoned Constellation facilitator of over 15 years in this field I was totally impressed and thrilled to participate with this kind and ingenious innovator of Constellations. He is not to be missed by anyone who does this work. It is your chance to learn and tap into the larger “Knowing Field” in a new way. I personally received many new insights on many different levels as a client and a representative for others. I highly recommend Vlado’s work and his unique approach to Constellations. He has the courage and the heart for the highest good of all.”
Sincerely Impressed and Namaste, Gary Stuart
Nationally Recognized Facilitator - Double Certified by Bert Hellinger Author of “Many Hearts One Soul”, Teacher, Trainer and Founder of Constellation Healing Institute 

More about Vlado:

Vlado has built his work up to the point of being pre-booked the entire 2015 and most of 2016, with large crowds in the hundreds at each, across 14 different countries, so this opportunity in June is really a very special one.
If you are drawn to facilitate or love to contribute in the field, he is a great resource on how to make it happen in a big way. He has been heavily involved in training and sharing his knowledge for years and has developed a very intense multi-year education program that keeps students engaged and growing immensely. I was stunned to meet a highly educated group of people in his European events - doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, business professionals as well as all kinds of alternative health practitioners with thriving practices and successful businesses.

Vlado is truly a pioneer in the field of family constellations. After the war in Yugoslavia, he organized multiple Peace Congresses that were facilitated by Bert Hellinger himself. Initially, he found plenty of resistance in Serbia, his country of origin. With his steadfast, loving and compassionate approach he was able to move mountains and get family constellations accepted and certified by the National Ministry of Health as the accepted method of dealing with physical, mental and spiritual health. Right after that the National Board of Education of Serbia followed suit and approved family constellations for work in schools. I haven’t heard of anyone else in the world being able to gain such widespread support from governmental agencies. Last year, the country of Montenegro also certified family constellations as an approved method for dealing with physical, mental and spiritual health. This is another confirmation that he is the best person to help us here in America gain further and wider acceptance of constellation work. We need to find a way to help even more people live loving and abundant lives.

To register, please email or call 714 598 6884.
For more information on Vlado Ilic, check out his international website:

Hope to meet you in June…
Wishing you all the Best of the Best, 

Ivan Polic