Family Constellation – Order of Love in KIEV, Ukraine

Seminar and workshop ''Love that has a future'' of Vlado Ilic in Kiev

01–03 April 2016.

Everyone is born to build happy life.
Health, prosperity and joy of life are main challenges in our lives. 
The fates of our ancestors are in the our genes, in the cells, subconscious.
There are a lot of reasons that can’t be explained but they influence our fate.
Experience of ancestors can appear in the present life, like a ghost from the past. 

The history of our nation such as revolutions, wars, repressions and widespread famine have influenced on our life’s formation.
And these  „complicated fates” of our ancestors can be seen in us again and again.
They didn’t die, they are alive.
Our destiny is made up of puzzles, of unfinished from parts of our lives.
And we often do not live own lives due to tribal laws, we repeat elements of someone's fate. 
What should we do? 

Vlado is a person whose presence changes us and gives a chance to change own life for the better.
The work with Maestro of such level replaces works with a psychologist, because it is deeper systemic and holistic. 
The cost of participation is 200 Euros for the 3-day seminar.

The lecture for all participants is arranged on Friday, 01 April, from 18.00 till 20.00 (cost is 50 UAH.). 

Contact persons: 
Irina Kioresku
Ph: +38 (095) 403 96 77
Skype: irinyshakio 

Tatiana Zaporožec
Ph: +38 (093) 193 63 34, +38 (050) 986 34 89
Skype: vombatysia

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