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Way out of this seemingly hopeless situation

Maybe you’ve heard, saw or have been an active participant of Interactive Online Constellations that Vlado Ilić leads. Maybe someone have told you about the experience he lived through or about his own transformation. What we live through, and especially what we LIVE during and after the Interactive Online Constellations is hard to put in words. The depth of Vlado’s work ONLINE has exceeded the expectations of all those who have been active participants so far.

Read below and try not to find yourself in a single word.

The time of global madness affects us all, our children and the child in us.

It seems like feelings of hopelessness, being lost, panic, fear have covered our unique Planet Earth in one day and that day has been going on for almost two years now. Continuous pressure brings us in different emotional, mental and physical states, while their balance is continuously sabotaged on all sides. Harmony and abundance are becoming rarer in and around us. Everything that affects our partnership, relationship with children, parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, businesses associates, attitude towards work and money, towards health, …

At the same time experiences from those relationships affect our mental, emotional and physical state. And so on.

We are witnessing a continuous increase in depression, anxiety, divorce, domestic violence, suicide among minors and adults, an increase in crime, … Global situation affects collective unconscious and as a tribute galloping takes lives of people.

Because of all above, and much more, we have created Interactive Online Constellations program for you with topic Way out from this seemingly hopeless situation. There is always a solution, courage is necessary.

We start with full lungs and capacities on Monday, March 21, 2022. at 6pm (CET) Zoom app, live.
Program lasts for 5 days, we work from Monday to Friday from 6PM to 8PM. Every day we work on a different topic, although in groups – quite individually, which is one of the specifics of Vlado’s work.

1. DAY: Fear and Panic
2. DAY: Now Normal
3. DAY: Longing for old
4. DAY: Alone / Lonely
5. DAY: Transformation and personal prosperity

Today when everything has its price, in School of Life Vlado Ilić you have an opportunity to work on values. How much a man without humanity in himself is worth is a question that today’s reality imposes on all of us. What we are and we want to be?

Magical journey of transformation begins with facing the Truth.

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