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Vlado Ilić

Professor of language and communication, systemic therapist, teacher of the order of love.

Vlado was born in 1962. He finished studies in Belgrade and received his Master’s in Germany. Teacher of Family Constellations. Through his publications, seminars, and educational programs he’s been on the mission of spreading love and peace all throughout the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro), Europe (Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia) and North America (Canada, United States).

With incredible patience, humility, respect, and a lot of love, Vlado opens a space for insight into dynamics that helps us become aware of and integrate transgenerational traumas that reside in our collective and individual unconscious. With that approach and meditation as an essential part of his work, Ilic creates the possibility for bringing the background of specific life issues into the conscious. By integrating what was excluded, personal development gets accelerated and all-encompassing harmony is established; and with that, blockages and other symptoms of illnesses and suffering are permanently removed.

“After 20 years of working with people as a pedagogue, professor, karate trainer, and manager, I discovered how powerful family constellations are. This work fulfills me, gives me challenges, and it’s incomparable with anything I’ve ever done so far. It inspires me to follow the magnificent power of the Soul with awareness, respect, humility, gratitude, and love.”

“Working with children is especially near and dear to my heart. Children very often unconsciously and from the place of love take responsibility for their parents. For example, family entanglements of parents create dynamics that transpire in children through behavior problems, illnesses, allergies, even accidents. At seminars, parents can solve those problems, and heal dynamics by setting up an individual constellation without the child present.”

“Everything we do for ourselves, we do for our children.”

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