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School of Life Vlado Ilic, family constellations ∞ order of love exists in Belgrade, Serbia continually since June of 2004. Since then, Vlado Ilic, the teacher of family constellations, has been patiently and respectfully, with gratitude and humility bringing the message of reconciliation and healing to the republics of former Yugoslavia and the rest of our inimitable planet Earth.

Vlado studied with Bert Hellinger, father and founder of the method, who supported and encouraged him to take the mission of love and reconciliation to Serbia. Hellinger, Vlado’s long-standing mentor and friend, suggested that Vlado translates his book Acknowledging What is from German to Serbian in order to do something no one has ever done in that region. The Balkan region- hell and heaven on Earth, land of honey drenched in blood (possibly blood of dragon Typhoeus struck by Zeus’ thunder on Mount Olympus). Turks named it Balkan: bal= honey, kan= blood. Danube Scripts interpret the name as a hive with Queen bee for matriarchy. Celtic called it Balkhan…

Upon its translation, the book Acknowledging What is was introduced at the City of Belgrade Library’s promotion, with Bert Hellinger as a special guest. He held a three-day event at the local university, dubbed the Peace Congress by its participants. With his presence, Hellinger clearly and undoubtfully confirmed his strong support to Vlado Ilic as the carrier of his mission. Following the success of this event, Vlado and his team organized another Peace Congress the following year which is attended again by Hellinger and several prominent lecturers in the realm of reconciliation and healing: monk Dr. Fra. David Steindl Rast, Marko Pogacnik, and many others. In this way, the mission and Vlado’s work gained on importance and solidified its existence in the region and beyond. That same year, Hellinger held one last event in Opatija, Slovenija, which concluded his presence in the region as he leaves it in secure hands of Vlado Ilic.

Vlado Ilic is solely responsible for bringing the method of family constellations or order of love to the Balkans, and is continuously working to develop it further.
He created a unique concept in the educational aspect of it, as well as the facilitation of meditations. Additionally, there are 8-day intensives – summer and winter.
The most important contribution to the development of the method are parallel constellations, which are a staple of Vlado’s work and for which he is internationally recognized. He also integrates elements of shamanism, inherited and learned from his grand grandmother.

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