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Interactive Online Constellations, October 10th to 14th, 2022. VLADO ILIC live on ZOOM

“In a time of war, reconciling the victim and the perpetrator within is a task on the path of the brave ones.”
Vlado Ilic

Planet Earth the land of heaven and hell, the land of wars and emperors, bequeaths a constant fight of brother with brother, sister with sister, a human with himself.

Turbulence in ourselves, conflicts in families, conflicts in society, conflicts among people,… contribute to feeding the energy that we do not like and does not produce anything fruitful.

The war is raging between nature and a human, within the family, inside of us, between our soul, heart and mind constantly for centuries.

The battle can finally be ended when we confront the energy of the victim and a predator inside of each one of us. In a time of change, again after 7.000 years, we can choise transition in a peace insted of a war.

In the silence, the scream is getting louder. Everything becomes more difficult and requires more effort and energy than before. No, you are not crazy, your feelings are not deceiving you. Low energy vibrations have reigned globally for quite some time and are taking their toll.

And while everything is bursting on the stitches, the challenge is to preserve the already damaged mental and physical health.

To make it easier for us to find our way and, despite all the challenges, create our own path, there are INTERACTIVE ONLINE CONSTELLATIONS led by Vlado Ilic.

In order to be an adequate support for ourselves, it is important to look at the dynamics that we carry in our genes, whether we like it or not. This is precisely why the topic of the next online program is VICTIM AND PERPETRATOR IN YOU from October 10th to 14th, 2022.

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