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Market laws are changing. Nothing is as it used to be. The cosmic laws remain the same, regardless of the situation we have been in, are in now, and will be. – Vlado Ilić

  • Cosmic laws in business
  • Mobbing at work, blockages in progress and fear of success
  • Live your purpose and give it adequate economic value
  • Sustainable business development in Love that has a future
  • I am successfully living my purpose and my task in this life here and now

„When we know the essential cosmic laws and apply them in creating and running a business, we create a strong foundation for the sustainable growth and development of our business and all entities that are networked with us.

Today’s situation is actually a period that has been going on for more than a year. What is guaranteed to all of us is uncertainty. While some hope that the situation will return to the old, others are aware that it is necessary to create the New themselves.

  • Life crises as opportunities for development, R.Dhalke.

Maybe now you too feel the maturity of the moment to re-examine yourself, your desires, your goals, your purpose, your task in this life here and now. When you admit to yourself what it is that your heart plays around and your soul longs for, gather your courage and allow that part of you to see the light of day, you can live your vocation in accordance with your individuality. When we live our unique individuality, we enrich the world with our existence and leave an indelible mark.

By giving the vocation an adequate value expressed in money or perhaps some other adequate tangible exchange, you create an environment for sustainable personal and professional growth and development.

Mobbing at work, blockages in progress, fear of success or the feeling that you do not belong to that job or the task you are performing, are signals that encourage you to change something. If you don’t take them seriously, then the symptoms that sting at work don’t stop there. They most often appear as symptoms of illness and impair health, and then you have to give them attention, time and energy.

There are often experiences of people who reach their purpose, their essence, their vocation in a harder way. The experience of waking up your insides does not necessarily have to be painful. The initiation of awakening can be in love, love that has a future if you allow it to yourself.

Sustainable business development in a Love that has a future is actually more than growth in business. The creators and carriers of a sustainable business are actually those who live a sustainable lifestyle.

“Sustainable lifestyle, yours and your loved ones, in Love that has a future, let it be your mission. “Vlado Ilić

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