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International weekend seminars

Attending international weekend seminars facilitated by Vlado Ilic allows us to discover causes of our issues that are prevalent in our lives, or to simply “recharge” with positive, inspirational energy that maintains the hygiene of our soul.
No matter how many participate, all attendees are given a chance to set up a constellation for their issue/ subject, and reach the place of the original blockage, which is very often transgenerational. We inherited from our ancestors much more that we can comprehend. In our DNA structure, we carry all emotional signatures of our ancestors, the nice ones and not so nice ones. All the experiences that were intense enough or lasted long enough to leave a mark in our DNA structure. All the good experiences are pleasant and we feel enrichened, inspired, and uplifted, but what about those that are not good or even traumatic? What about them?
All traumas or traumatic experiences were passed down generationally, whether it was talked about them or not. Today, in this life here and now, those experiences of our ancestors appear in our life as blockages, discomforts, challenges, difficulties, dissatisfactions, illnesses…
When we present the issue or whatever is bothering us at the seminar, we discover its cause. When we shine the light at that cause, the energy can freely flow and transform what was blocking our potential for strength in this life, here and now.

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