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School of life VLADO ILIC,

We are not self-sown, each of us has a father and a mother. From our parents and all of our ancestors, known and unknown, we inherited much more than visible characteristics and traits. We also inherited emotional records- positive and negative- traumatic… It’s all in our DNA structure. Those records and inscriptions shape our life’s journey, our destiny, and very often come to the surface as blockages in different areas of our life. Blockages in intimate relationships, relations with our parents and siblings, our children, at work, in our profession etc. We sometimes recognize those blockages also as the feeling of guilt, fear, lack and scarcity, as though something is missing from our life.

As we face life’s crisis, we are unable to discover the cause of our problems and because of that they repeat. The core of our problems can be traced back to difficult experiences and unresolved feelings we lived through in our childhood and adult life, or we experience the pain of trauma that our parents or ancestors suffered.
School of Life is here to show us the simplicity of life in abundance and remind us of the importance of respecting basic universal laws. Those universal laws apply to each and every one of us, and when we respect them, we live in love that has a future, for us and the world around us.


– Lectures
– International weekend seminars
– Education, supervision
– Intensives
– Expert seminars and lectures for health professionals
– Expert seminars and lectures for teachers, social workers, pedagogues, and educators
– Social and corporate consulting

July 29 to August 6, 2022.

Winter intensive


When you attend a seminar you can learn how to:

– Adopt a new way of understanding what is happening in your life, by gaining a new insight, which gives you strength to change what is stopping you from getting what you want.

– In a creative way, awaken your inner-healer, which lives in each of us, often scared and forgotten, and place him at your service.

– Free yourself from negative consequences of transgenerational trauma in a safe and secure way, with expert help.

– Find your true self through the hidden structure of your family system.

– Stay in positive energy long, long after the seminar, allowing the awakened strength and new zest for life to live within.

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