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Personal experiences – School of Life

Marija shared with us her personal experience about School of Life Vlado Ilic. Thank you, Maria.

Lična iskustva poredak ljubavi

“My first encounter with this field of work left me in disbelief and somewhat shocked. It felt as though I found myself in a group of people that speaks a different language. After I left the workshop, I couldn’t help but think whether I gave a proper chance not only to this work, but also myself to change something in my life. I read about family constellations for months and listened to other participants’ experiences; when I felt ready, I came back and set up my issue. When the therapist placed the representatives for my parents, to which I was supposed to say that I love them, that I did everything out of love for them, and that it’s time for me to live my life, I started crying. I never let out a tear in my life! It wasn’t too long when I felt like now I am living my life and not a borrowed one.”

For all Marijas out there who are waiting somewhere for something… For their ancient strength and new zest for life that is waiting to be awaken it its full potential and shine.

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