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For Vlado Ilic, the family constellations ¥order of love method is much more than just a method. “For me, this is the outlook on life and the world around us, the way of life, the school of life”.

Why School of Life?

„The most precious thing we have here and now, on this unique planet Earth. Educational systems dedicate very little or no time at all to emotional intelligence and nurturing of the soul, and because of that everything that is unique to us is underdeveloped and suffers. Our father and our mother lives within each of us, so does what is unique to us. In standardized systems, it is very difficult to develop that uniqueness; at the same time, the price of inhibiting and opressing it is grave.

Oppressing our unique potential could lead to illness, however it is mostly expressed through issues in other areas of life: in intimate relationships at work, in our relationship to money, feelings that show up without reason…”

In School of Life Vlado Ilic, we are given an opportunity to awaken what is asleep within.

“In this process of awakening, the client gains insights, self-awareness, and awareness. They elevate their consciousness and with that, their level of action through responsibility to oneself and their environment. Consequently, everything becomes easier, with ancient strength and new zest for life.

When we allow our light, the light of peace and love with future, we enable ourselves to receive and further give it. We transfer the light to our homes, to our parents, our brothers and sisters, intimate partners, children, extended family, friends, coworkers, to our schools and workplaces, sharing it with everyone… To more we share it, the more of it is available.

We also must share it with our enemies, if we think we have them, because they need it the most. As we share the light, our unique planet Earth becomes the home for all of us and our children as we would like it to be…”

Hugging you with heaps of love,
Vlado Ilic

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