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Meditations are recommended to all that want to be successful, have more vitality, want to be healthier, more present and focused. Everyday practice contributes to the betterment of the quality of life in all areas. Changes could be felt already after a month of practice. The recommendations is to meditate for an hour a day, and listen to the same meditation for at least 40 days. In order to feel the magical effect of the meditations, daily practice is a must. You should sit comfortably in any position you see fit, with as many stress factors as possible removed from your environment. There should not be any devices in the meditation space (TVs, cell phones etc.). The accompanying music was composed with a lot of love by Branko Isakovic and Bora Dugic, prominent Serbian artists, after they attended the seminar and were inspired by Vlado’s work.

You can listen to guided meditations and the accompanying music anytime, except while driving. It is especially recommended if you work with clients, children, preparing for childbirth, or have a new baby…

Muzika i snimak: Branko Isaković
Naslovna fotografija: Jelena Tasić
Dizajn: Marko Paunović i Maša Ličina

Here and Now

This meditation is recommended as an initial one. If you have trouble sleeping, practical examples show that this meditation is the right choice. It helps us peacefully release the old and leave it in the past, in order to live better and enjoy this life here and now. The daily hustle, tensions at work, troubles at home with a partner or children are usually the causes for overwhelm and stress.
Usual reaction to these problems is an escape- into the past or future- forgetting that life doesn’t happen in the past or the future. Life happens in this moment- HERE AND NOW.

Muzika i snimak: Branko Isaković
Naslovna fotografija: Silvija Paunović
Dizajn: Marko Paunović i Maša Ličina

Spring of Life

This meditation helps us initiate the processes of receiving and connecting with the father and the mother that live in us; their parents, parents of their parents, and so on. All the ancestors that, with their action and non-actions, made it happen for you and me to exist- in this life, here and now. Just in the last 1000 years, we have more than 8 and a half billion of direct ancestors.

When we include them and give them a place in our heart just as they are, we rid of loyalty strings and the vicious cycle or repeating their fates. Reconciled and healed, we awaken our old strength and new zest for life for something new in the love that has a future.

Muzika: Bora Dugić
Naslovna fotografija: Danijela Stojiljković
Dizajn: Marko Paunović i Siniša Radić
Snimanje glasa i montaža zvuka: Branko Isaković


The inspiration for this meditation I got from the poem about our internal light written by Nelson Mandela while he was imprisoned on Robben Island. Even today, decades after his release, his cell shines with incredible light; like an oasis of peace in the middle of the most ruthless aggression and humiliation of prison. It was converted into a museum.

Meditation Light initiates the processes of new birth in light. Regressing into the initial phase of life, fetus in mother’s womb, we arrive to the place of our greatest strength, the infinite source of unconditional love and certainty. Healed and complete, we are born in a new light.

Even though we think we are afraid of the dark, we are more afraid of the light. Along with the magical sound of fife played by Bora Dugic, this meditation opens up a path to our inner light.

“As though we are asking who am I to shine? To be happy? To shine in love? To surrender to life and make something  out of my resources and potentials? But that’s not THE question. The question is who are you not to shine your light? Who are you to suppress your light?” V. Ilic

Especially recommended to women planning to conceive, pregnant women, and new mothers.

Muzika: Bora Dugić
Slike: Saša Brnović
Dizajn: Siniša Radić
Snimanje glasa i montaža zvuka: Branko Isaković


Initiation is one of the more advanced meditations from the program. Vlado Ilic warmly recommends listening to the first three meditations before sailing through the depths of your being through initiation.

Surrender to the journey towards your own soul, the journey laced with flower petals and rose thorns, which will lead you to yourself.  On that journey, you will encounter someone who will light up a path to the clearer and stronger experience of your essence. Because only the brave ones can reach the Universal truth, cosmic truth that sleeps deep within us…

Muzika: Bora Dugić
Slike: Claude Monet (Lokvanji i japanski most, park Monceau)
Dizajn: Siniša Radić
Snimanje glasa i montaža zvuka: Branko Isaković


Guided meditation Peace is also one of the more advanced in the program.

Ilic found inspiration in true event that happened on a foggy December night in 1914. On the border of Serbia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. After attacking Serbia, the powerful Austro-Hungarian army was defeated in several battles by a small Serbian army. Because of that, the commander of the Austro-Hungarian army for the Balkans Potiorek, decided to bring the whole fifth and sixth division for a quick sweep. Assuming the win, he was already celebrated as a hero in Vienna, while his soldiers were freezing in the trenches ahead of the battle.

The ratio was dismal: more than a 100 Austro-Hungarian soldiers to 1 Serbian soldier. Days ahead of the planned invasion, flyers are distributed via airplanes to the people of Serbia, inviting them to surrender; they will have no chance against so much power. At dawn, right before the final command for attack, without previous agreement or intentions, the strong energy of the Field that wanted peace, overcame soldiers. The got out of their trenches with arms raised up, first one by one then in masses, and surrendered to confused Serbian soldiers. They all surrendered , and the only shots heard were those of commanding officers trying to get the soldiers back to pick up their weapons and attack. They quickly realized that that the attack would not happen and to run to escape the battlefield.

This is a unique example of the Field work in service of peace. That night, the Austro-Hungarian army fell apart. The peace lasted only few months. It’s worth remembering that in the first rows of the Austro-Hungarian army there were Bosnians, Serbs, Croatians, Slovenians, Checks, Slovaks, Poles…

The educational group meditates every day at 6am (GMT + 2) to this guided meditation. You are free to join. Everyone in their home at 6am plays the meditation Peace and in context of personal growth and development contributes to spreading the resonance of peace. Thank you.

Music for meditation and healing

Branko Isakovic composed the music for constellations work inspired by Vlado’s guided meditations. This music connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain and promotes development of intuition, creativity, presence, focus, and connects us with the primordial within us.

Autor: Ruediger Dalke
Prevod: Vlado Ilić
Govori: Vlado Ilić
Muzika i snimak: Branko Isaković
Naslovna fotografija: Nježna Pivac
Dizajn: Marko Paunović

Loving oneself

Vlado Ilic recommends this meditation as the last in the program, so that you could be ready for all the benefits it offers. We want to be successful, happy, accepted and loved. But have we at least once listened to ourselves and realized if we allow for that wholeheartedly. You cannot practice loving yourself cognitively. You must find love within and develop it.

This meditation is an optimal path towards that.

The guided meditations program you can receive via email.
They are available in three languages: Serbian, German, and English.

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