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Today, it is more and more challenging to love. Receiving and Giving Love nowadays often remindes on science fiction movies from the 70’s.

Love is counted in likes, comments, gifts, in short, a passing glitter that has an ever-increasing price and an ever-decreasing value.

Most of us come from families where we had to choose from the earliest days and say do you prefer dad or mom, do you prefer brother or sister, do you prefer grandma or grandpa?

What it looks like when we grow up. Do you prefer freedom or are you in a partnership? Are you building a career or a family?

And so life is reduced to choices, often moldy compromises, and the tax is paid through generations. One of the frequent comments of the participants of the program led by Vlado is: “And how did I not know about this before?”

It is never too late, because everything we do for us we do for our children and our environment, for the world we live in, for this our unique Planet Earth.

Yes exactly. It is not an exaggeration, make-up or pumping, it is a fact that can be confirmed by over 37,000 participants in the program led by Vlado. Among them there are those who do not love him, and even more those who do love him, and they all have a common respect for his work, perhaps even awe.

But why about all of this, in this place?

Because in the schizophrenic time in which we have lived for almost two years, it is challenging to think about self-love at all, it is easier to dream and put life on hold.

Low energy vibrations are in vogue. The energy vibration of Love is high, today almost sublime so much that we often want to trample it rather than nurture it.

Why is that?

Because that is simpler. To trample on Love and live one that has no future like Romeo and Juliet, Anna Karenina, and many of our ancestors, who lived unfulfilled or unhappy love, and today reside in us. It is imprinted in our DNA structure and is therefore known to us. That is close to us. Just as it is easier to touch the souls of many with the song “Play tonight just for her, her who is no longer here …” than with another song that has the message of Love, Love that has a future.

And so for decades, centuries, …

And then we are putting the guilt on an evil destiny and we are miserable and live without purpose in our own lives. cccc

In order not to live without purpose, waste this life here and now and turn into a vicious circle of painful experiences of repeating our own traumas and traumatic events of our ancestors, make a clear decision with yourself now and

Tell yourself:

Yes, love is allowed to be

Yes, I am allowed to love myself

Yes, I am allowed to receive and give love

Our ancestors knew: Who is not for himself is not for others. Ancestors rejoice that finally someone will be brave and allow himself/herself Love in this life here and now, Love that has a future.

Interactive Online Constellations of Loving Yourself were created as a strong tool for overcoming the blockages from this life here and now, as well as the transgenerational ones, on the path of living in Self-Love.

We start with full lungs and capacities on Monday, December 13, 2021. at 6pm (CET) Zoom app, live.

All together and each for ourselves we go through 5 days, 5 topics

1. My past and me

2. My future and me

3. My blockages and me

4. My strength and me

5. I with myself for myself in this life here and now

Say goodbye to the old and open up to the new. We go to Love, Love that has a future, all together and each for himself/herself. Welcome everyone

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