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Life crossroads

School of Life Vlado Ilic offers a unique opportunity for realization of deeper dynamics of everything that happens in our lives, here and now. Since olden and more and more forgotten times, our ancestors understood the importance of practicing rituals in both person’s life and their community.
Integration of shamanic knowledge and its practicing through constellation work in the order of love field, under the humble guidance of Vlado Ilic, deepens the perception of life and opens up new possibilities for growth in all areas of life. Whether those are situations where a person departs or a traumatic event happens where someone feels they “lost a part of themselves” (accident, violence, divorce etc.), to others overflowing with joy because of success in school or business, new beginning in a different environment, entering an intimate relationship, conception, childbirth…
All changes in life, whether they are for the better or for worst, are unknowns.
By attending seminars and educational programs, you have an opportunity to go through all life-provided contexts, traumatic or ecstatic, without losing yourself or parts of your soul.
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