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 Vlado Ilic traditionally starts every international weekend seminar with special introductory lectures, and they are typically open to everyone. Overlaying theme of those lectures is love, love with a future. Ilic takes us through the foundation of love with a future with his concise theoretical approach and simple, practical exercises. As he often says about himself, he is more of a practitioner than a theorist. Given that family constellations ∞ order of love is phenomenological method that works on the emotional intelligence level, practical approach is the best and simplest way for us to understand how it actually works.

These introductory lectures provide the opportunity to feel the essence of family constellations, and Ilic’s unique approach to it. Theoretical portion and exercises vary from one event to the other, and they are adjusted to the context of various subjects: dynamics of the relationship to money, business opportunities, family relations, health, intimate partnerships and sexuality, conception, childbirth and child upbringing, inheritance, family constellations in harmony, family business, life work’s calling and life’s purpose, etc.

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