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School of Life 8-day Intensives facilitated by Vlado Ilic have been established 12 years ago out of desire to give participants a unique experience of soul work. When they decide to attend intensive programs, they leave daily routines and go through energetic processes together and individually in the environment that supports those processes.

In this rich context of the work that lasts more than a decade, many destinations and collaborators supported organization of both winter and summer intensives.

In a pleasant environment, without the stress of daily hustle, surrounded by snow as water’s alternate physical state, we easily open to deeper and more intensive energy processes.

The pinnacle of the winter intensive, in which we participate together and individually at the same time, is the Shamanic vision. Shamanic vision allows for multiple insights into our own self, our soul, our environment, our path, personal goal, and mission in this world, here and now. All under the humble guidance of the competent Vlado Ilic.

The experience of sailing through the depths of our souls as we cruise the Adriatic is indescribable. The fact of all of us being in the belly of the ship surrounded by water is the equivalent to our mother’s womb and it gives the energy work a special note and depth. Secluded form every day’s hustle, in the magical environment of beautiful, pristine nature, the work’s quality and intensity is enhanced. As the name speaks for itself, the summer intensive is a crown of the energy work, where we are given the opportunity for faster, deeper, and more intensive work on our personal issues. The ideal combination of energy work and relaxation on a luxurious ship allows us to seamlessly go through processes of facing symptoms and causes which bother us in different areas of live; together yet each of us individually…

The only program in the School of Life Vlado Ilic that has limited number of attendees is the summer intensive on the boat of “Love”. Constellation work during the cruise in the Adriatic Sea is unique in the world. That is one of the reasons signups are opened in January.

Attendees come from all of over the world, which contributes to the rich experience off all participants.

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