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Instead of the Easter greeting, Pasha, Ramadan…

Stay at home and be obeying citizens. Listen only to what media is telling you, and do not for one moment doubt it because you will endanger yourselves and your loved ones. And don’t for not even one moment turn on your reason, or read up on scientific studies about SARS and CORONA virus, aka COVID-19. That would lead you astray from the right path, which the World Health Organization along with global powers is laying out for you. Listen to recommendations from the regime and their doctors- wash your hands, as though you haven’t been doing it right already; take off your shoes before entering your homes, the practice only done by Muslims, Gypsies, Sikhs, and other germaphobes. But now, it is the government’s and doctors’ recommendation and we must respect it. Respect the curfew because it’s for your own good. Don’t worry about losing your civil rights, it has nothing to do with fascism or dictatorship; if Slobodan Milosevic was alive, haters would probably called this a dictatorship, maybe even fascism, but don’t worry- this is totally different. Because in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany, United States of America, to name a few, democratic governments were elected by the will of the people, in a democratic process, from democratic parties and not extreme groups. Everything they do, they do out of best intentions and for the good of the people.

According to the public information from the WHO (September 2019), 2,65 million people in the world dies every year because of misdiagnosis, mistreatment, wrong surgical procedures, or infections at medical facilities during treatment. That’s 7,200 dead per day, 5 every minute. Out of best intentions and desire to help. This is not to undermine doctors who help the ill every day and without whom, the life expectancy would be so much shorter. But this statistic does not help already shaken trust in gods in white. Did we really need a global pandemic in order to turn our attention to something planned by applauding at 8pm every day? Or the so-called pandemic was put upon us for different reasons? I do not wish in any way to undermine the grief for 50,000 Corona virus deaths so far, per media information, from the first death in China few months ago to today. It is still up for discussion what did they actually die from: Corona virus or something else. The first person that died in Germany was under 50 years old, on death bed already in the last stadium of syphilis, who happened to contract the Corona virus as well. Just in Germany two years ago there was more than 25,100 deaths during the flu season. More than 500,000 people in the world die of flu each year. Not in Germany or any other country in the world was there mass hysteria and panic that is today being spread in an organized way; no national emergency or Martial Law. These measures reminding of state of war, are hardly found in any known dictatorship during war times, let alone in peace.

But don’t worry, this too shall pass and we will be back to our regular lives and forget all about it; even though we already know that the world will never be the same again, just like we knew after 9/11 that the world will never be the same again. The Big Brother is watching through cameras installed everywhere, as our new normal, and we know that the world is changing and the life will never be the same again. We will forget just like we forgot about the Anthrax attack, blamed on Al Qaeda, even though it originated in Fort Detrick lab in the US. Then just a year later, the SARS epidemic originated in China, then bird flu, the pig flu, and finally- CORONA (the crown). We will forget all about that as well as the fact that spreading panic among the population is coming from the corrupted heads of WHO, which unnecessarily and wrongly proclaimed world pandemic under the direction of pharmaceutical industry so that they can sell vaccines and other blockbusters and make tons of money.

Be obedient or you’ll otherwise put yourself and your loved ones at risk. And if you don’t follow the measures directed by the government for your own good, keep in mind that your overzealous neighbor is following your every move from behind their curtain and will report you to the authorities if you dare to break the rules. They don’t do that because they are paid or instructed by someone, or will be rewarded; no, they are not snitches, traitors, or condemners. They just do it out of best intentions for the good of all, for the good of humanity.

It is interesting that it is forbidden all that is good for our health- time outside in the nature, hanging out, laughter, embraces… Bellow there are answers to all your questions that boil down to one: “What do I do in this situation?” “How do I behave?”

  1. Reminder: for pure survival it is necessary to embrace, hug someone 5 times a day, for 23 seconds. On top of that, for prosperity and vitality you’d need 10 hugs a day, and for spiritual growth and development 14 hugs a day, for 23 seconds. If you don’t have anyone, strongly hug a tree and fee it’s strength, wisdom, and vitality… It’s more effective to feel that in the embrace of a loved one. In this time especially when they are trying to tame us is important to love and enjoy, to allow yourself to find your path to your Temple of Love and make love with unbridled orgasms, all while archaic drums are heard in the background. Remember the meditation we do at seminars at this time of year, when nature awakens; allow the juices of health to stream through your body as you are enjoying love with your loved one.
  2. Use this new situation in a best way possible. I don’t have to tell you to pause, connect with yourself, with the divine in you. Highest powers ordered everything to halt. Maybe this is an opportunity for your to halt, too. Turn off the TV and stop the poison and fear pouring form the media. Calm down the survival instincts. There is no real life danger! Allow yourself to face with everything from the past in peace, to see your part in it all, good and bad, how did you contribute to the current state of the world with what you’ve done or did not do, how did you find yourself in this moment of life. What passed we cannot bring back or change, but we can learn a lot from it… The meditation HERE AND NOW helps with that.
  3. Allow yourself to finally do everything you couldn’t find time for during the everyday hustle. Focus on yourself, do something for yourself you’ve been postponing for a long time.
  4. Since you have to stay home, sort out papers, clothes, and everything else you’ve been avoiding; get rid of the old and needless and make space for NEW, in material and spiritual meaning.
  5. Discover a chef in you. Prepare your favorite dish for your loved ones, and all the other dishes you’ve always wanted to make but you “haven’t had time”. And remember- the most important ingredient is LOVE.
  6. I remind you that you finally don’t have to rush anywhere. Dedicate yourself to your loved ones, bring new quality in interaction. Play, talk, read books, read to each other the most important passages and discuss it, give massages, exercise, and do with love everything you thought you haven’t had time for.
  7. Help those in need and ask for help if you need it. Often and not just in extreme situation like the earthquake in Zagreb.
  8. Don’t pretend like everything is alright. It is not alright and it is not good. Feeling of powerlessness, anger, and rage are depositing in you… Don’t hide and suppress it or vent it in fights with your loved ones. Best advice is to go to the woods or park, anywhere in nature, and loudly scream to let it all go and empty it all out. But since it is forbidden to go out in nature because it could positively affect your immune system and your health, you are free to cry, laugh, and scream in your home, with all of your power… Let it all out through your voice… Allow all emotions to be as they show up… You can do it on your own or with your loved ones, all together, and each individually.
  9. Feel yourself, connect with your father, feel your father and his strength, his love, and his support… feel through him strength, love and support of his parents, and so on… Connect with your mother, feel her strength, her love and her support… feel through her strength, love and support of her parents, and so on… Feel the strength of river of Life that has been flowing towards you from forever, through you flows to your children and tasks in SERVICE OF LIFE. Feel your old strength awakening your new zest for life. Meditation SPRING OF LIFE helps with that.
  10. The basis of everything is GRATITUDE. Feel the gratitude and say throughout the day “THANK YOU”. “Thank you, dad”. “Thank you, mom”. “Father, Mother, God, Thank you”.
  11. Feel gratitude for everything, even if it’s implied. For a glass of water that quenches your thirst, for water that flows through the faucet in your home, and to all that contributed to it flowing from the spring to your faucet to use anytime you need it. Feel the gratitude for electricity and all other energies, known and unknown…
  12. Give gratitude to water and all other beverages your drink before you drink it. Give gratitude to food on your plate and to all who contributed for it being on your plate. Remember community lunches at the Feast of Love during the seminar…
  13. Let the new situation inspire you to allow your divine light of Love to grow and develop within you. Like the divine light, which shines out of nowhere and out of nothing upon the cell where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 16 years. To beat the fear of success, of your value and capacity, fear of feeling good regardless of what is happening around you, and to stay vital and healthy. Shine with all your strength and all your capacities… Meditation LIGHT helps with that.
  14. Meditate every day, even more than before. Join the Belgrade and Los Angeles educational groups, and start your day with guided meditation PEACE every day at 6am in the morning, Belgrade time. If that’s too early for you, play the meditation and continue to sleep, as you feel its vibrational benefit. Join the initiative of the international educational group in Belgrade and meditate on the guided meditations platform at 9:10pm:
    April 6th meditation HERE AND NOW
    April 7th meditation SPRING OF LIFE
    April 8th meditation LIGHT
    April 9th meditation INITIATION
    April 10th meditation PEACE
    And then start again.

If you do not have any of the meditations, reach out to Jelena:

Connect with me by listening to my meditations, by remembering strong energetic moments at seminars and lectures, by reading my texts and translations, or by simply thinking of me. I am here for you, especially now…
I embrace you with an abundance of LOVE, and look forward to our next meeting, whenever, wherever…

See you soon!
Wholeheartedly, warmly,
Your Vlado

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