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Module 6

Energy of money and the abundance of love that has a future 11-15.10.2021.

Money loses its value when trust and agreement on the value of goods are shaken, and the consequences are chaos and poverty. When we get to know and understand the hidden dynamics of money it will be easier for us to treat it adequately.

Economy theories are telling us about three dimensions of the value of money. They talk about what can be done with money, but not about what money really is. When it comes to the economic definition of money, it is a unit of value, means of exchanging the value of goods and the possibility of storing value. However, prof. Vlado Ilić emphasizes that it is only material side of money and that money is much more than that.

Vlado Ilić: “Money is energy, energy of life. Money lives in our heads, in our mental images but not in the outside world. Money is not just a thing, it is first of all an agreement within one community, one social system, on the basis of which the exchange of goods take place. Gold coins were a subconscious agreement based on which one metal of rather limited resources was used as a means of exchanging value. In today`s virtual world that is perhaps even easier to understand. Banknotes and coins, that is, really tangible money, materialized money, make up only one-fifth of the total amount of money in the world.”

In your publications you often mention that the relationship with the mother affects the relationship with money. How?

Vlado Ilić: “With most participants who come to solve the money “problem” we can notice the similar dynamic. Most often in foreground is the relationship with the mother, the stagnation of the flow of love from the mother. Someone at the same time has a problem in partnership, which is actually the same dynamic, often connected to the fear of life who is mainly on a subconscious level.

The causes for the stagnation of the flow of love, no matter how similar, are still quite individual. Most often they lie in distant past, several generations back. Even though it is almost always about severe traumatic events which are mainly related to life and death, the spectrum of causes is very wide, the list of possibilities and variation are endless. Sometimes that is early died or aborted child, or someone’s mother paid with her own life the life of her child, or died in childbirth or someone lost a father or mother, brother, sister or loved one in the war in war, or someone’s love is stifled or could not be realized, or someone was killed, or someone killed someone etc.

That is why each case must be observed quite individually, no matter how similar it may seem to many so far. That is one of the essential pillars of the phenomenological work in the field of the Order of Love.”

One of the specifics of the work of prof. Ilić is ability to lead numerous groups, in person and online and that his work, although in the group, is yet individual. A magical experience that is hard to describe in words. We warmly recommend to all the personal experience of Vlado’s leadership.

Online MasterClass 2021, Module 6 THE ENERGY OF MONEY AND THE OBUNDANCE OF LOVE THAT HAS A FUTURE is an ideal opportunity to, from the warmth of your own home, from your favorite corner of the space where you are staying, give yourself participation in an interactive, intensive, and educational program:

Every day we work from 6pm to 8pm live via Zoom app

Module 6: Energy of money and the abundance in Love that has a future we process through five units:

1.DAY: Energy of money and me
2.DAY: Cosmic laws in the service of abundance
3.DAY: Fear of abundance and prosperity
4.DAY: Transformation from lack to abundance
5.DAY: Me successful happily living in abundance of Love that has a future in this life here and now

To work under the Vlado’s leadership the most important thing is to make a decision,

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