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Developmental and educational groups of Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Solutions in Serbia “Family Constellations”

1.  What is education in the School of Life?

The basic motivation for participating in the educational program is usually desire to integrate universal laws in order to achieve success in personal and professional life, with as less hustle as possible. Also, there is desire for deeper understanding of personal processes and hidden dynamics and all that stands in a way of accomplishing goals and abundance on all levels of life. Lastly, one of the reasons is earning a certificate for facilitating or consulting in family constellations work.

2. Is this for me?

Courage is necessary. It may sound paradoxical, but even changes for the better cause fear- fear of leaving the comfort zone, fear of the new and unknown…  Fears takes us back into old structures, and no matter how much we don’t like them, they are familiar to us.

“Imagine a little forest trail that a tractor plowed through after the rain. The trail of the wide tires is deeply imprinted into the soil. You are riding your bicycle and trying to balance on narrow wheels through deep, muddy trials that are determining your path. Just a moment of lost focus causes you to slip into t old, deep tractor trails…” -Vlado Ilic

Just in the last one thousand years, it was needed for more than 8 and a half billion fathers and mothers to receive and give lives, in order for us to have ancestors. All of their fates, emotions, blockages, suffering, beauty of existence, experiences and successes are recorded in our DNA structure. They live on in us, whether we like it or not. We love our talents, virtues, and other inherited traits we perceive as gifts. We are at peace with them, with more or less gratitude to those we assume we inherited them from.

But how do we deal with inheriting the uncomfortable, such are illnesses, blockages, poverty, rage, and everything else that we do not like? That which makes us repeat it, like we are in a vicious cycle? How do we overcome, stay connected with our roots, not repeat the fate of our ancestors, rather allow ourselves to live our life here and now, in love and abundance, with everything that it has to offer to us.

3. What can I change and improve in my life? Can I be a facilitator?

Changes are possible on all levels. Issues are many- intimate relationships, conception, child upbringing, interpersonal relationships, health, money, profession, finding a personal calling, decision making… What are our potentials? Where are the sources of my strength?
By working on ourselves, we raise the level of consciousness and often become close to discover our calling. We awaken our talents, potentials, intuition, creativity, and sometimes we feel the call to become a facilitator of family constellations. Lots of times, it is something we haven’t even dreamed off, and it got conceived on our growth and development journey.
There is something much bigger than us. No matter how we call it, it’s here. When we are in resonance with ourselves and the world around us, we achieve abundance in love with a future.

4. How long is the educational program?

The educational program is framed as one year and it can last several years. Personal growth and development is a process. Every student has their own processes, so there are no rules on duration. At the end of each year, you decide if you wish to continue.

5. Is previous knowledge and education required?

The unique concept of the educational program developed by Professor Vlado Ilic, international teacher of family constellations, is open to all who want to learn more, regardless of previous knowledge and education. The group is open to join throughout the year, as long as you have participated in at least one seminar facilitated by Vlado Ilic.

* More about the educational program, your rights and obligations in the flyer


Jelena Ilic
Phone: +381 62 604 700
fb: poredakljubavi2

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