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 School of Life Vlado Ilic, family constellations ∞ order of love Educational Program is open to all who are committed to their personal and professional growth and development. Anyone can join the program, regardless of previous education and experience. The duration of the Educational Program generally spans over several years, one educational year meaning attending eight international weekend seminars in Belgrade.

All seminars organized by School of Life Vlado Ilic in countries other than participants’ country of origin are available free of charge to participants of the Educational Program. Also, one seminar per year is gifted to the partner of the participant.

The main objective of becoming a part of Educational Program is to comprehend the basic cosmic laws, adopt order of love tools, and deeply understand the dynamics of the constellation work in order to implement and use it in personal and professional life.

This path of growth and change within an individual is challenging and dynamic, so with time some of them are called to become a therapist in the field of family constellations ∞ order of love and the education continues in that direction (educational brochure, rights and responsibilities of students)


Participants of the Educational Program are also future therapists, consultants, life coaches, and colleagues who want to refresh and further develop their knowledge in the field, as well as learn how to educate

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