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Organizer in Serbia – Belgrade

Association for Systemic Therapy and Systemic Solutions in Serbia “Family Constellations”

Jelena Ilic

Phone: +381 (0)62 604 700

Organizer in Montenegro – Podgorica

Jelena Ilic

Phone: +381 (0)62 604 700

Organizer in Croatia – Zagreb

Mario Horvatic

phone: 00385 91 720 2878

Organizer in Germany – Neuburg

Andreas Strehle

Phone: 0179 36 122 33

Petra Strehle


Organizer in USA – Los Angeles

Ivan Polić

Phone: 714 598 6884

fb: Order of Love with Vlado Ilic – Los Angeles

Contact form

For information about lectures, seminars, intensives, business consulting, education, dates, and discounts, contact us or fill out the form bellow:

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    Terms and conditions

      BelgradeLos AngelesZagrebNeuburg

      1. By putting down a deposit by the dates stated (mail, phone) before the seminar, you are eligible for a discounted price.

      2. By putting down the deposit, you gain the right to participate and at the same time commit to participation.

      3. The rest of the seminar fee you may submit at the event or through the Association’s account right before the event starts.

      4. If you are unable to attend for whatever reason, you should find a replacement- a participant not enrolled in the seminar- to take your place. They will take your deposit and be responsible for the rest of the fee. Replacement must be found latest by the beginning of the event.

      5. If you signed up via phone, email, in-person, by submitting a deposit, or in any other way (discounted fee if you are eligible), you are responsible to pay the rest of the fee at the event or via account, whether you are participating in the seminar or not.

      6. Deposit is non-refundable.

      7. In special cases and with your request, the Association will consider full or partial seminar cost refund. When submitting the request, you must submit the payment for cost of processing that request, which is the amount of deposit.

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