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Root name of this method is Familienaufstellung or Family Constellations. Another popular name, Order of Love, came from Hellinger’s book Ordnung der Liebe. At the same time and through the development of the work in many languages (English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch), the connection between micro and macro cosmos became apparent, so the work receives yet another name after constellations of stars: Konstalationswork or Konstalation, Constellations, Konstelacije. The connection between micro and macro cosmos and its universal laws are the foundation of order of love. Interesting hypothesis- there are more than billion brain cells in the human brain, just as many as there are stars in the galaxy!

Oči su ogledalo duše

Constellations are energy work that, under Vlado Ilic’s experienced facilitation, helps us discover the point of origin of our issue.

Personal or individual constellations start with a client selecting a representative out of the group, and without too many words and explanations places them in the space. The selected person represents the client; another person is brought in and represents their issue. None of the representatives or the rest of the group know their roles. Vlado facilitates so called silent constellations, without words. Any further important elements which are missing are brought in by Vlado, and they as well are not aware of their roles. The starting point of each constellation is the current challenge or the subject that is bothering the client the most (subject, not the problem; more about this in the Education ).

When we participate in other people’s constellations, we deepen the work of our own.

 Each constellation and all the exercises that Vlado does with participants at introductory nights, seminars, and educational groups activate strong energetic processes that could not be easily explained on a cognitive level. In the School of Life Vlado Ilic, the work is done on the emotional intelligence level, which is much broader that the cognitive one.

When participants take part in the constellations of others, they most often work on their issues they are not even aware of or cannot recognize. Imagine a client living with a certain challenge for more than 20 years; for example, fear of public speaking. His life experiences are such that he embraced the fact that he is not public speaking material and he continues to live with that belief. That belief informed many decisions he made in his life: choice of education and career, his goals, his dreams… After attending several seminars, he recognizes that most of the times he is selected to represent for someone, the theme is public speaking. Soon thereafter, he receives a lucrative offer which includes public speaking, something he could only dream about in the past but would never accept because of his fear. This time around, he is able to take the opportunity and become successful at it. (more in Client Experiences)

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