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Module 4

Awakening the energy of sexuality in love
that has a future

❓Where is our primeval beginning?

At the beginning of everything it was Chaos. When the Chaos came to order (order of love) Eros was born – Love, passion and sexuality. The fifth element, Quintessence of everything, an old divinity, who with the help of the strongest energy, sexuality, ensures the continuous creation and constant renewal of the world.
In addition to Eros, four essential elements were born, the four Divines: Gaia (Earth), Tartarus (underworld), Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night).
The Earth and the underworld are connected and bound by Eros, a necessary spice for the creation of the new, and thus Uranus (Sky) is formed, Sea, Mountains…
Darkness and Night are also connected and bound by Eros, necessary spice for the creation of the new, and thus Ether (Air) and Hemera (Day) are formed.
Nothing further arises from Eros itself but Eros is a necessary spice for connecting the existing a creating a new.

💭 How do you imagine Eros?

🌋 That strong, penetrating, vital creative energy that has existed since time immemorial? Energy that doesn’t let or cannot be controlled, same way you cannot control an orgasm.
Despite its progress in so-called modern civilization, the great taboo topics of today are still here: sexuality, orgasm, penis, vagina, childbirth. In modern age and society, as we often call it, we have become so modern that what existed since the beginning, and has been present since the primordial beginning of existence of not only man on Planet Earth, to today’s civilized man is a taboo subject.

🙊🙉🙈Why is that? Or even better question, are you ready to change that?

We live in a time when the energy of sexuality is censored almost in all fields and in all contexts. Both male and female role models of adequate sexuality almost doesn’t exist or are not present in the world of youth.

How much are the young people who are growing up and entering the age of sexual maturity prepared and ready to enjoy and indulge in sexuality or are focused on misuse and consumption of sexuality? How to nurture your sexuality?
Do you want to know? Feel free to call us. ​📞

📌 What are the consequences of not living a healthy sexuality in this life here and now?
Pollen allergies, weak immunity, anemia, painful menstruation, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, fears, fear of indulging in a partnership, fear of failure, fear of pleasure, fear of abundance, fear of prosperity for both personal and business…

🔥 Are you ready for awakening of the strongest energy, the energy of sexuality?
Online MasterClass 2021, Module 4: Awakening sexuality in love that has a future is held from April 26th to April 30th, 2021. under the leadership of one of the best in the world Vlado Ilić.

🌺 At the moment when nature is born and everything wakes up and blooms, it is an ideal moment to give yourself a participation in the online program and in that way from the comfort and security of your own home awake the strongest driving creative energy of SEXUALITY in Love that has a future.

💎 The program is intense, interactive and educational. We are working 5 days, from Monday to Friday, from 6pm to 8pm CET, live via the Zoom app.

💻 We process the Module 4: Awakening sexuality in love that has a future through five units

  1. Virginity
  2. Down there
  3. Orgasm
  4. Scream
  5. In the service of the river of life

If you feel the call to sign up, at the same time awakens the uncertainty of whether that is for you, whether it can really help, what you will get by participating, what are the benefits or is it simply unimaginable the work of Vlado Ilić online, call us +38162604700.

We are very happy to answer all your questions and dilemmas.

Make a decision.
Allow yourself to participate in a magical journey of awakening the strongest energy, sexuality, in Love that has a future.
Your ancestors support you and rejoice with you.

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